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healthy home tourMinturn, CO – AUGUST 20, 2008:   Most homeowners write off their crawl spaces as unusable space under their homes and choose not to go near the damp, dirty and sometimes moldy crawl spaces.  At the recent Healthy Homes Tour, Colorado Basement Systems LLC demonstrated that there is a solution for turning crawl spaces into usable, “green” healthy spaces.  Colorado Basement Systems encapsulated a homeowner’s crawl space with a durable plastic liner which tour participants could climb into to experience the installed product.

Jim Jose, AIA of Holy Cross Building & Design fulfilled homeowner Rita Quam’s wish to build an environmentally healthy home.  Quam and Jose agreed to the Colorado Basement Systems installation upon learning how the product adheres to these standards.  “I was thrilled with the outcome,” says Quam.  “The crawl space looks fantastic and I didn’t hesitate to climb in to see it firsthand.  I’d recommend the product to anyone.”

The Singletree property showcased in the tour is not an extreme example of water and moisture issues, but moisture in crawl space dirt floors can often cause odors, mold and issues such as buckling hardwood floors, smelly damp carpets and frost or condensation on windows.  The air moves upward into the home and mixes into the air breathed daily by homeowners. 

Encapsulated crawl space in colorado“There are many reasons for a homeowner to consider solving crawl space and basement issues,” says Gary Gilman, President of Colorado Basement Systems. “Including reducing health issues such as allergies and asthma which are exacerbated by mold and dampness.  Energy costs are lowered for homeowners and the reduction in the amount of energy it takes to heat or cool a home is good for the environment.” 

Colorado Basement Systems is a franchisee for a company holding over 23 patents on products to reduce water and moisture and to keep homes dry and healthy.  These patents include a 20 millimeter liner, thicker than the standard liner often used in homes and twice as effective, and the TripleSafe Pump, a sump pump with three pumps for extra reliability.  

“Our System Design Specialists, including me, go through training to offer solutions for any crawl space or basement issue,” says Lynette Marie Lacerda, General Manager of Colorado Basement Systems.  “We’re here to help.”


Colorado Basement Systems LLC in Minturn, Colorado is the leading crawl space and basement waterproofing company in its market providing a single-source solution.  Colorado Basement Systems’ team offers solutions to manage moisture and water in crawl spaces and basements by using over 23 patented, proven products.  The end result is drier, healthier homes for clients with improved air quality
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