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Available Vapor Barriers & How They Compare.

Finished CleanSpace System.

Many people have vapor barriers in place as a means of keeping their homes healthy and dry. They are supposed to go in the crawlspace or the basement of the home and they are designed to reduce the amount of moisture that makes it inside the home itself. This is especially important in certain areas that have abnormally high humidity levels, as well as those that see a lot of rain or runoff. The reason they are so important is because the wood of your home has a tendency to draw the moisture in. Eventually, you start to notice that everything in your house is damp and sticky. Even more alarming, you are breathing in that air the entire time that you are inside your home. This can cause a whole host of problems ranging from allergies and sinus to chronic lung problems.

The vapor barrier is designed to stop all of this from happening. In short, it prevents the moisture from reaching the rest of your home and it helps you keep your home healthier, and in better condition for years to come. However, some of these barriers are inferior to others. In fact, there are some available on the market that only measure 6-10mil. These are largely insufficient when it comes to protecting your home. Instead of utilizing one of these, you can better protect your home and your loved ones by choosing a reinforced, 20-mil thick, antimicrobial CleanSpace liner system.

The biggest difference between this liner and all the others is that it is a much better material and thickness, making it better able to protect and defend your home against moisture. If your home is flooded our liner is the most resistant to physical damage and is designed to automatically pump any water out. Flooding can cause significant damage to thinner liners. Flooding often pushes a great deal of debris up against the liner, causing physical damage that may be beyond repair. A CleanSpace liner is the only effective answer. Even if debris is not an issue, your home has still been flooded. Which means typically that you will have to have the entire basement or crawl space professionally dried and cleaned. With our system in place this can usually be avoided all together.

Protecting your home is important, just like protecting your loved ones. This is one of the most effective ways that you can do both things at one time. That is why it is so important to choose a high quality liner and then ensure that your investment remains in good shape even after a disaster occurs.


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