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For many years’ conventional wisdom for crawl spaces has been to ventilate them well. In the mid to late 2000's that wisdom was challenged. Controlled studies were done comparing vented and closed crawl spaces in an attempt to find the best solution for homeowners. The results were so conclusive that building codes have been shifting in support of encapsulation of crawl spaces since the results were published. Across multiple studies it was found that energy savings amounted to more than 15% every year with a system installed resulting in an overall savings after installation. In some cases, extra insulation in the crawl space increased yearly savings over 20%.


It’s not just about saving money either. Improper drainage in a crawl space can lead to foundation damage. Some encapsulation projects include installation of a sump pump to control water accumulation. Excess moisture in a crawl space leads to mold which creates a health hazard. After a crawl space has been sealed the air inside can be conditioned to prevent any mold from forming. Adding to protection from mold, companies such as Colorado Crawl Space, who serves 13 counties including Eagle County in Colorado, use a liner that incorporates an antimicrobial additive. This additive called UltraFresh prevents microbial growth such as mold and mildew.


Another important aspect of the liner used by Colorado Crawl Space is the 20 mil thickness. Many installers will use a liner of 6 mil thickness to cut cost. This will stop moisture and help control humidity, as long as it lasts. At only 6 mil these liners will need repair and replacement long before the thicker 20 mil re-enforced liners. Using layers of polyethylene and polyester cord this liner will stand up to traffic in a crawl space used for storage or containing HVAC equipment. It is strong enough to withstand being installed on everything from concrete floors to rough dirt.


Whether bringing a home up to code, preventing mold and mildew, or trying to save money on an energy bill, encapsulating your crawl space will help achieve your goals. Quality parts from a reputable installer is the best way to achieve success in your project. Whether it be: excavation, drainage, sump pumps, a radon ready system, Smart Jack system, encapsulation, rodent damage, mold, or water remediation, we take all issues of a crawl space and make it a CleanSpace ™. Throughout western Colorado, Colorado Crawl Space provides a complete system to properly encapsulate your crawl space for years to come.

Sump Pump Installed In A Complete CleanSpace System


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