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Sump Pump Replacement & Encapsulation System in Silverthorne, CO

Sump pumps fail over time. Most of the time we can replace them with a SmartSump Pump System: a 1/3 HP M53 Zoeller cast iron pump, which is placed in a deep and durable liner with an airtight lid with an airtight floor drain, CleanPump Stand, and battery powered WaterWatch Alarm System.

The liner is installed into stone and sits flush to the grade of the Earth floor. The 1.5” discharge line runs through the rim to the exterior. The exterior discharge line includes an IceGuard to prevent ice buildup, 10’ of 3” PVC discharge line buried several inches for grass to grow over it, & a LawnScape Outlet to allow gravity to expel water and help prevent debris from entering the discharge line. This unit pumps 2,580 gallons per hour at a 5’ head. After tying in the CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation System into the top of the liner and tightening down the lid - This crawlspace is protected from the devastating effects of groundwater seepage - had it been left unchecked, structural damage most likely would have cost the homeowner 10x more sometime in the future. Looks good & functions great!

Basement Ground Water Seepage Under Control in Leadville, CO

Sometimes during home rennovation projects, issues pop up - or rather spring up from the ground (as in ground water seepage). The source? possible leak in the water main or ground water seepage. Either way 1st things 1st - Fix ground water seepage. We installed a SmartSump sump pump system - discharging incoming water from the basement to the exterior - 10' away from the structure where it can water the lawn. Next phase of the project: Isolate the home from the earth with the CleanSpace Encapsualtion System - Stay Tuned.  

Rodent Infestation Clean-Up & Prevention in Nathrop, CO

We pulled out years of rodent carcasses, droppings, pine needle bedding, and pine cone food storage from this crawlspace. The earth was lightly regraded for the durable encapsualtion system. We boarded up the holes where rodents had chewed through, added copper wire mesh to and penetrations, and closed cell spray foamed 2" - 3" thick onto the perimeter rim assembly. The walls were already insulated with 2" foamboard, so we sealed the gaps between these as well and tied our floor liner into the 2" foamboard - which doubles as a wall liner to deflect foundation wall moisture down under the liner. 

Pest Infestation Removal & Prevention in Beaver Creek, CO

This crawlspace had many intrusion points and air gaps where rodents were able to move in and out. This resulted in pine cones and destroyed insulation. We removed the debris and insulation. Then we sprayed a botanical disinfectant on all horizontal surfaces. To prevent the rodents from returning we screwed in blocks of wood to any larger holes, stuffed air gaps with copper wire mesh and spray foam. Lastly we encapsulated the earth and walls to shut down any ground water seepage & re-insulated the rim assembly to help prevent heat loss & save energy.

We Do Crawlspaces Right in East Vail, CO

This dirty crawlspace needed a complete makeover. This is the main reason for doing the crawlspace right the first time! A cheap solution to crawlspace problems is not cost effective when we have to tear everything out a few years later in order to remediate mold and rodent infestation. To effectively control the ground water we installed a drainage system to a new airtight SmartSump Pump System to discharge water 10' past the foundation on the exterior. Secondly, we installed drainage matting under our 20 mil cord reinforced CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation System & properly fastened and sealed it around the perimeter and central footings. Lastly, we stuffed copper wire mesh and air sealed the perimeter rim assembly and subfloor penetrations and reinsulated the subfloor for protection against rodent intrusion and heat loss prevention. This would have been a lot easier if it was done right during construction, but now the homeowners rest assured their home is protected from the ground up! 


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